Evaluating Add-ons

Everyone has their own set of criteria that they use to evaluate add-ons for usage.

This book introduces some of the areas that one could look at to evaluate whether or not to use an add-on and the possible impact of doing so.

Who is the book for?

Whether you are a developer, teacher, administrator or project manager, if you wish to enhance your Moodle site with add-ons, this book will provide advice for evaluating add-ons and also help you to identify some great add-ons that will enrich specific aspects of your platform.

Why get this book?

"This book covers ground that is fast-changing, but I think it provides an excellent overview of the work that our community are doing in this area and will be a useful guide to help Moodle administrators explore what they can do with their Moodle site"
- Martin Dougiamas, Moodle Founder.